Reviewers #

This page provides a way for reviewers to install and test the software while the source code remains in private repositories. If reviewers prefer we can provide a link to a live version of the software without the need for this installation process.

Installation #

Digital Ocean Droplet #

  1. Create an account on Digital Ocean.
  2. Create a new droplet.
  3. For image select Docker from the Marketplace tab.
  4. For plan select any, all will work but higher cores will be faster.
  5. Under additional options select User data. Copy and past the following bash script.
    wget -P /root/
    docker-compose -f /root/docker-compose.yml up -d
  6. Set authentication. Preferably with SSH keys however if you don’t know what those are just set a password. These will only be used if you need to SSH into the machine, this will not be used to access the web interface.
  7. Create the droplet. This will take ~5 mins to fully set up. Just because it gives an ip address does not mean it has finished installing.
  8. Access the droplet via http://<IP-OF-DROPLET>/. If it does not resolve it means it has not finished installing so just wait a few more minutes.

Once installed please refer to quick-start/#experiment-setup for usage instructions.